Go Further with Radio

Radio Communications has evolved from it's humble beginnings in the late 1800s.
With current technology expanding to incorporate GPS and data streams into the radio transmission, the versitily of radio is extensive.

At Jones Communications radios are our speciality, with almost four decades of servicing the Gladstone region and abroad. With experienced technicians and professional equipment, we can ensure your Radio Network will operate effectively and efficently.

The biggest advantage of radio is the low running costs compared to other two way communication systems. With the added flexibility of radios being a general device rather than a personal device, any employee can use a radio to communicate. It is also the first choice of communications for Industrial and Mining sites, Freight and Council fleets, and Aircraft and Maritime management.

Frequency Assignments

As a registered ACMA Frequency Assigner, we are able to allocate private frequencies for any commercial network including FM Broadcast and Microwave Networks.
Private Frequencies are registered to a company or individual, and cannot be used without the permission of the registered frequency owner.
To find out more information regarding applying for or aquiring a private frequency, please click here to talk to a staff member.

Aerodrome Weather Information Broadcast - AWIB

The Aerodrome Weather Information Broadcast system is a self contained Radio Transmitter that is able to Broadcast a supplied weather information audio stream over Aircraft channels. Each transmitter is capable of transmitting Continously 24/7.
The AWIB Transmitter is supplied with Aircraft Band Radio, intergrated power supply, sufficent coax cable and a dedicated Broadcast Antenna. The transmitter has an input for audio information, generated by the Weather system at the Aerodrome Field.
Jones Communications takes the time to ensure each AWIB transmitter is functioning to desired specifications, and complies with ACMA Broadcast Standards. We also ensure that each AWIB is free from external interference, and free from causing interference. We have over 40 AWIB units installed and functioning at Australia Airports

Please contact us to arrange your AWIB transmitter by calling (+61) 07 49721116

Radio Technology

Advancements in radio technology are enabling the end user to do more with their radio than ever before.

Radio is now being utilized with GPS to track vehicles and fleets for better management of resources and productivity
Simoco are the leaders in intergration with GPS and GPRS technology for providing tracking and extended data and voice communications in mobile applications.
This technology allows portable radios to be fitted with GPS units to transmit location data. Which can be incorporated with Duress functions to notify the dispatcher of Emergency situations, and assist with locating the personnel

We also have access to stand alone vehicle tracking systems that display data via a web interface, allowing vehicle tracking to be taken anywhere there is a computer and data connection. Managers can keep an eye on employees driving habits through excessive breaking sensing, speed sensing, and geographic boundaries. These tracking systems can also be utilised to manage a fleet of vehicles, by being able to locate the nearest service vehicle in an given area, or even when the servicing is required.